What a difference a day makes

All the crazy colds and sickies and insomnia floating around this house not withstanding….I can’t believe how great I feel.

Since the weekend, the changes have been so easy and the only thing really hurting has been dealing with the tape.  Tape is an evil thing and should never be placed on the skin unless your skin has been very bad and commited something like murder.  The places where the tape has been having to be used hurt worse than the wound.  CRAZY!

Perfect appointment with the Dr today. She is very pleased with the looks of the wound.  The wetter saline guaze was not a problem and she said to keep on doing what we are doing.

The only questions we had this time was about healing.  I was concerned that we would have to keep taping the same areas.  I asked about how the wound would heal.  Was it an issue of slowly growing in on itself and ending up with a smaller and smaller kind of round wound or scar.  And as the wound got smaller, I should be worried about getting the tape on the new skin.  And she did say we should worry about it.

However, the way it will heal is a bit different.  This red red granulated skin that is filling in now will continue to do so.  At the same time, the sides will start to contract inward as well as new skin growing so it will end up more like a long linier scar about an inch wide and close to the length of the current wound.  Interesting…

So again, it raised my concern that my poor skin would be totured for the next 4 to 6 weeks.  She said we could probably use a netting that they use for burn patients to hold the gauze and padding in.  So they came out with this WONDERFUL stuff and we can now do bandage changes without tape!!!

I have posted a picture of the new bandages with the latest wound update pics.  I posted the bandage pic first so you don’t have to see the wound if you don’t want to, but want to see the cool new bandage technique.

It was a bit awkward getting it all on at the Dr. office.  Robin and I were a bit concerned that it wouldn’t be tight enough to hold everything in place.  It was a lot less wet as well, so we were a bit worried that it would hurt coming off.  Tonight’s change was amazing.  Yes, it was dry, but all Robin had to do was soak it and it came right off.  And we figured out putting on the netting so quickly….Unless it doesn’t do well while I am sleeping, I think we have found the newest technique for us.

We will see what, if any thing, the netting does to my skin.  I may get irritated with it as well, but at least we have an alternative and we can switch between the two if we need to.

All in all, I am feeling much better.  Trying to keep the cold that Avery and Danielle have away.  Not sure it will stay away, my sneezing and stuffy nose tell me otherwise.  No aches and pains at this point though.

If we can keep this as the status quo, or better, for the rest of the healing process, I will be a happy pit-less person.

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