Sad day….my sister has gone home.  Not that I don’t trust Armand to do a good job, but Robin has taken care of me so well and knows the wounds so well…not to mention that she is hilarious. :)   I’m gonna miss you Robin.  Thank you sooooo much.

Dressing changes get better and better every time.  I am back to removing the gauze in the shower by myself to make it easier on the person changing.  The wound surface is so much better now that I can simply soak the gauze and peel it right back. Then it is just a matter of lying back and letting them put the saline soaked gauze, a couple of 4×4 pads and then the ab pad to absorb most of the water.

My new challenge is stretching.  For the past week or so I have been working on getting my arms over my head and stretching my arms to make sure I don’t get any decrease in range of motion with the healing skin.  Honestly, that is the only pain I am having anymore.  I was pretty concerned that I was having some issue with decreased range.  It was hurting pretty bad to get that right arm over my head.

So at the last Dr appointment I asked the Dr to make sure I was doing ok there.  She said it all looked good.  When I asked her why it hurt her answer was very interesting.  Basically, she told me that I had lost range of motion PRIOR to the surgery with all the scar tissue (and when I look at the before pics again, I can see the long sinus scars pulling).  The pain I am feeling in my arms is from the muscle that has not stretched like that in years is now being asked to stretch that far.  And it is letting me know it.

All makes sense now that I think about it.  It really is weird how you can live with the pain for so long.  And live with the other issues that come with it.  Until you just can’t live with it anymore.  And funny how pain that I am feeling now, different pain, is so much easier to deal with.  I say easier.  But I guess I really mean different.

The pain with the hidradenitis is one that can’t be eased with pain killers.  Even narcotics don’t touch the pain of a cyst pressing and pressing against the skin trying to release.  Pain killers don’t work on that type of pain.  The only relief is release.  The fact that I can now just take an Alieve or a Tylonol and in about 30 minutes forget that I hurt…it’s amazing.

I am not saying that I think I am anywhere near better.  I know I have so much more healing to do.  And it will take a lot of energy to grow the new skin.  My biggest challenge will be keeping myself in check and not over doing it.  I still have Armand, Bill, Judy and Danielle to remind me to stop and not do so much.

But I miss picking up that little girl so much.  She is dealing pretty well with Mommy not being able to do as much as usual.  And she understands very well that my “pit boo boos” hurt and she can’t jump on me.  But I think sometimes she just wants me to pick her up and hold her.  I get my hugs in as often as possible and let her crawl up on my lap, gently, whenever she wants.

All in all, I am doing so much better than I could ever have imagined.  I have only had my one or two days of “why did I do this”.  The rest have been “why didn’t I do this earlier?”

Thanks for listening.

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