SLOWLY disappearing

I got another great report this week from the Dr.  Everything looks great and neither of us can complain.

Well, I will complain, but just a little bit.  After a wonderful glowing appointment the Dr’s assistant said that I needed to make my next appointment in 4 weeks, instead of 2.  Now most people would think that was great.  But my only thought was… mean that this won’t be healed before then?  What happened to my estimate of 6 to 8 weeks.  We just passed 6.  2 more weeks is 8.  But you don’t want to see me until 4 weeks?!?!?!

Not what I wanted to hear.

But, really, can I complain?  I mean, I found out the dimensions of the wound immediately after surgery.  Right-14cm long by 9cm wide.  Left-14cm long by 8.5cm wide.  We are now at 10cm long by 2.5cm wide bilaterally!  That is pretty amazing.

So I guess I am still a skin growing machine.  They should have had that as a subject in high school or college.  I could have been validictorian! :)

Taking my first overnight trip away from my house since the surgery.  Heading down to New Bern to celebrate my Great Neice’s 1st birthday.  Luckily, that is where Robin lives, so I know I am taken care of if there is any emergency.  Not that I expect any issues at this point.

The only thing that could be considered not optimal is the fact that there is some Hypergranulization in the upper part of the right wound.  What that means is that the bright red granulated skin that we are keeping moist while the new skin grows in and the wound contracts inward on itself, is raised above the skin that was not effected by the surgery.  No real concern at this point, but want to keep an eye on it.  If it gets raised too much it could cause an issue with closure or scaring.  And could cause some pain.  That will let me know if it gets too bad.  Treatment is with silver nitrate.  That is something I DON”T want to have to do. The day after my surgery there was one or two spots in the right wound that would not stop bleeding, so they used the silver nitrate stick to stop the bleeding.  HOLY CRAP did that hurt.  Worse than anything I felt during any of the bandage changes.  My butt came so far off the bedI had to have created a new yoga pose.

So we keep an eye on that, but otherwise, keep doing what we are doing.  I have not changed the type of gauze I use for the wet portion of the bandage, nor have I stopped using teh 4×4 pads then abdominal pads over that.  But I am experimenting with new ways to hold the stupid stuff in place.

Before this is over, I will have invented the perfect underarm bandage.  Very niche market, I know. But I also know that those of us who have been in need of one would pay dearly for the right thing.  Working on names like the Pitt Pad.  Or the UnderArm-or. LOL  Whatever the name, I will probably figure it out and create it just in time for my pitts to have healed. :P

Even though I don’t go back for another 4 weeks, I will still keep updating weekly to keep track of the shrinkage.  And prove to the Dr. that I don’t need another 4 weeks!

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