Before going in for surgery, I was bracing myself for the pain.  I had seen pictures and read others blogs about it.  The thought even made me reconsider a couple of times.  But then a new cyst would arise and remind me why I was doing this.

Then along came the surgery.  Very smooth.  Very easy.  Got out of the hospital quicker than expected.  And very LITTLE pain.  Just at bandage change time.  Only took the prescription pain killers right before we changed them.

Well, that nerve blocker they used must have really taken.  The Dr. said it would wear off in about 8 to 10 hours after surgery.  It must have lingered longer for me.  The pain is really starting to hit now, 6 days out.  Now having to take more than just motrin between changings.  But itching and stinging is a sign of healing, right?

I keep a mirror close by so I can see the areas after Robin has taken out the packing guaze.  pretty yucky.  Lots of people have asked me if I will be having a skin graft.

That is certainly one way to go.  However, after talking to my Dr. and doing my own research, we have decided to allow it to heal entirely by secondary intention.

Skin grafts, while very successfully most of the time, can cause problems too.  You would have to have another surgery to harvest the skin and graft it.  Now you have another wound site that is now at risk for infection as well.  And you are re-aggravating the original wound.

Also, the most common areas to graft from are the tummy and buttocks.  Both of these areas can be high in apocrine glands.  we don’t’ want to risk that the new skin could have the same problem when moved under the arm.  Even if it was not an issue in it’s original place.

Healing by secondary intention is a long process, but I feel a cleaner one and a safer one.  And Lord knows I don’t need anymore surgeries. :)

Have my first follow up tomorrow morning at 10:30am in Chapel Hill.  Gonna be a long slow ride.  It normally takes about 45 minutes to get to Chapel Hill from Wake Forest.  But with the expected refreeze…..we will take it easy and watch all the other crazy people like us who get out on the road that early.

While I am at the Dr. Armand will be heading to the Airport to speak at an event in LA on Thursday and gets back Friday am after a red-eye home.  Then he and Danielle get to take over for Robin who will be heading home on Saturday.

She has been a real trooper.  For a non-medical person, she is amazing.  She is fine with the gore now, but just hurts as much as I do when she sees she is hurting me.  We have our little routine down and have many questions for the Dr. tomorrow.  Like how long will we have to do the saline packing?  can I start using a water tight dressing so the saline packing isn’t getting me all wet?  etc.

I will keep you all posted and probably have the Dr. take new pics for 1 week out to keep a history of the healing.

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