My parent would be so proud

Well, it turns out I am an over acheiver.  I am just so good at building skin, that I just can’t stop.  So I built so much, the wound can’t close.

The solution….lets BURN it off.  Sounds fun, huh?

Dr took silver nitrate on a stick, and rolled it over the excess skin.  Luckily, that excess skin doens’t have any nerve endings.  For the most part.  The left really did burn pretty good.

The idea is to cauterize the skin and have it slough off so the wound can close.  We will do it again in 2 weeks if it all doens’t come off by then.

So it went from this nasty looking flap of excess skin, to looking like a charred marshmellow stuck under my arm.  lol

Still not lots of pain.  and it is sloughing off pretty well.

The best part…..NO MORE WET TO DRY!!!!  Now it is just using antibiotic ointment.  And if I am not worried about my clothing, I don’t have to wear a bandage over it!!!!  I am so going to love that part, and so is my skin.

So we are still not done yet. But we are closer and without having to do all the bandaging, I will feel better.

Here are some pic of the before and after the silver nitrate.

See you in two weeks.


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