Home Sweet Home

After 2 days in the hospital I was able to come home.  It really isn’t that bad.  Still kind of groggy, but I am sure that is the pain killers.

The pain is not horrible.  Not any worse than any flair up.  And usually only during the bandage change.

I think the area removed was larger than I anticipated, but as long as they got it al, that is all that matters.

It is hard not to be able to pick up Avery or play with her.  I am hoping it will be better faster so I can just hug her tight and not have to worry about her hurting me.

I have attached the 1st post op pics to show how much they took out and how deep.  I really is not as bad as it looks.  However, the look on Armand’s face was priceless when he had to learn how to bandage it.  He didn’t even know he was making a face.  It was really funny.

I will post again after my first return visit which will be on the 12th.

Thanks for listening.

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