End of Week 3

Progressing nicely.  Probably too nicely.  I still can’t get it through my thick skull, that just because there is no pain, I am not better yet.  I get worn out so fast.  And it sneaks up on me.

Honestly, how much energy does it really take to sit at a computer all day and do book keeping and accounting and online research (oh, an a little facebook time).  But by 5pm when I get up to go down stairs, I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Then there are the days I wake up feeling so good, I think I can walk around Target to find the “perfect” shirts to wear with the netting.  I do make sure I have a cart to lean on at least.

But all in all, noting really major to report.  Changes are real easy.  So easy in fact, we didn’t even have to pour saline on the gauze to remove it last night.  It just came right off when I was taking off the outer absorbant pad.  Made Armand’s job easier and kept me from getting splashed with cold water.  I think Armand secretly enjoys that part. :)   He takes some sinister pleasure in “accidentally” pouring the water too far down my side so I jump like I was touched with an ice cube. :)  

Still had to soak them off in the shower this morning.  Not sure if Danielle had the gauze very wet on Wednesday morning, so it came off easy. Or if Armand had the gauze not wet enough so I still needed to soak them.  We will see tonight.

I did do my own bandage change today.  Armand was up so late working last night that I didn’t want to wake him. (that, and I wanted someone coherant putting on the gauze)  So I did it myself.  Not the easiest thing, but don’t think it will be too bad in the future when the wound gets even smaller.  Maybe another week. 

3rd week pics are posted for those keeping track of the healing process.

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