Better Days

Things have been much better this week.  The changes are going much quicker and MUCH less painful.  The granulated skin is really covering the bulk of the wound and we are seeing some acutal healing around the edges.

The one thing I have to really remember to start doing it stretching my arms over my head and around.  With the healing really starting I have to make sure I don’t get any movement restriction.

When Armand did the changes over the weekend, he used a lot more saline than Robin had been using before.  And we went with a larger bandage over the gauze to help the skin that was being taped rest.  Well, it looks like that has been the thing to do.  The wetter the gauze and the less pressure of the larger bandage seems to help keep the gauze from sticking so much.  Of course, the fact that it is healing is helping as well.  But we continue to keep it very wet to maintain the better changes.

2nd week check up is tomorrow.  We will see if we get yelled at for using too much saline.  We are still going to talk to the Dr about the alternatives to the gauze/saline dressing that we have been researching.  There are a couple things out there that seem to offer a much gentler dressing change and even if they are harder to get or more expensive than just the gauze, I am willing to try it.

I will post an update after the appointment and the new 2 week pictures.

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