7 weeks later and still not done

Ok, really?????  6 to 8 weeks has turned into 15 weeks to date.

And the right arm is no where near finished.

The left arm had closed, and I guess I made the mistake of trying to use a scar diminisher too soon, and it has reopened.  So I am back to wet to dry bandaging on that one too.

I just don’t get it.  And it is much more tight under each arm.  Stretching is much harder and has to be done much more often.

I know this is just one big cry fest today, but I am really just over this.  I am so tired of tape of any kind.

I have tried it all.  Bandaids, Keflex tape, hydrocolloid bandages, paper tape, you name it.  Those two holes in my arms don’t hurt at all.  But the skin around them is screammmmmmming!

I thought my next appointment was today, but it is not until the 27th.  I will bring many questions and concerns to the Dr. next week.  There has to be something to help heal faster.

I promise to update after that appointment.

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