49 days and counting

Start of week 7 and nothing to report.  But that is a good thing.

Only real thing is how amazing the healing is going.  I mean look at those pictures!  Amazing.  I went to New Bern last weekend and Robin just freaked out!!!  She has’t seen them since 3 weeks out.  Not in person, just the pictures.  She couldn’t beleive how small they were.  Or the amount of pretty new skin.  It is very strange to have your big sister proud of you for your skin growing abilities.  :P

Only misbehaviour on my part is not tending to the new skin as I should.  I cut back on my showers.  My skin felt like it was coming off by the handfulls I was so dry.  My skin is so sensitive that I can only shower every other day in the SUMMER.  (can you just imagine how THAT was dealing with the disease.  Lots of acne wipes and facial cleansing cloths were used in my day).  In the winter, for get it.  My skin looks like a chalk board.  Slap my leg and you see a dust cloud.  LOL

But seriously, I was not taking my 1/2 hour long showers every morning and letting the hot water help me strech the skin and keep my mobility.  Had a real rough evening on Monday trying to get my arms straight over my head.  I have been perfect ever since.  Daily morning hot showers to moisten and soften the skin.  And a good 10 to 15 mins in the shower stretching my arms every which way.  Even ways I just can’t imagine I will ever need to move them in the future. But hey, you never know.

And I am trying to remember to stop typing a couple times a day and stretching at my desk.  Then again at the bandage change before bed.

Seems to be the only real worry now, as long as I keep up the good 2 a day changes.  Keep ‘em moving and keep ‘em stretched.

I am scheduling my dress fitting for next week.  For those of you who don’t know…April 7 is my 10 year wedding anniversary.  I was brave back then and wore a dress with cap sleeves.  You get good at knowing how to do things without raising your arms when you deal with hidradenitis for this long.  Armand and I will be holding a Vow Renewal Ceremony this year to celebrate.  I am happy to say that I can fit into that dress, and will actually have to have it taken in.  I have been putting off the fitting until I could get a smaller, less menacing bandage over the wounds so as to not scare the tailor.

I am so excited to see myself in that dress again.  And I will be waving my arms for everyone to see on that day!

See you in a week.

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