1st week follow up

Had my first week follow up today in Chapel Hill.  Due to the lovely weather, we had to leave early to make sure we didn’t end up late.  Naturally, we got there early.  lol.

This was my first outing since coming home from the hospital.  At that time, the nerve blocker had not yet worn off, so the ride home from the hospital was fairly easy.  Today, was a different story.  I am usually dealing with motion sickness when I don’t drive.  It gets worse when I have taken a pain killer and as also dealing with pain itself.  Lots of deep breathing and good conversation from Robin to keep my mind off of it all, and we made it with no issues.

Before going in we decided I should take a pain killer so it will have time to kick in before the bandage removal my the Dr.  I have to say that Robin should be the nurse.  Because the one who did the removal today needs to take lessons.  OW OW OW.  I have never bled after Robin removed the packing.  But both sides bled today when the nurse took them off.  And I promise, I let her know it was hurting. :(

When the Dr came in she was very happy with the way things looked.  And with my pain tolerance as well.  I know I have been saying that the pain is just now showing up, but apparently, most others who have this surgery have a harder time dealing with the pain.  I think it is just relative.  Does it hurt?  Yes.  Does it hurt more than an active cyst? No, just hurts differently.  And pain killers actually work with this pain.  They were never able to touch the pain from a cyst.

She was great answering all our questions and said we were doing a great job taking care of the wound; cleaning, packing, taping.  Robin will have to make sure to teach Armand and Danielle her new SKILLS so we can keep it up.

Again, the Dr says everything looks great and we are right on track. I go back again on Wednesday next week and then will start every other week.  Still looking at 6 to 8 weeks for full healing.  And we will have to continue with the saline wet dressing the entire time.  Until there is no more open wound.  That’s a lot of salt water.  The worse part of it is going to be the taping.  I hate tape.  Let me say that again….I hate tape. :)

On a personal level, today would have to be the first time I second guessed having the surgery.  Also the first time that 6 to 8 weeks felt so long.  I think just the fact that the pain is getting more consistent and the realization that I have to go through this twice a day for the next 2 months.  ugh.  I am sure it will feel better when I am able to get around more by myself.  But right now, I feel pretty helpless.  And anyone who knows me, knows that that is one of the worst feelings for me.

I have posted 1 week post surgery pic for those who want to take a look.

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